(Please) be sure to V: 도록 하다

V + 도록 하다 is used to instruct someone or suggest something. Its strength falls between 주세요 (‘please V’) and 보세요 (‘why don’t you try Ving’):

이번 주에는 학교에 지각하지 말도록 하세요.

This week please don’t be late for school.

기차역에 도착해서 기다리도록 해요.

I’ll arrive at the train station, please be sure to wait for me.

밥을 먹을 때 쳐다보지 말도록 하세요.

Please don’t watch me when I’m eating.

내일 저녁 6시에 만나도록 합시다.

Let’s meet no later than 6pm tomorrow.

PC방에 간 후에 모든 숙제를 끝나도록 해요.

I’ll try to finish all my homework before going to the PC room.

감기에 걸리지 않도록 조심하세요.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

Be sure that you don’t catch a cold.

— 저의 책을 읽고싶으면 먼저 물어보도록 하세요.

— If you want to read my book, please ask me first.

— 하도록 하겠습니다.

— OK I’ll be sure to do that.

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