To, until, as far as: 까지

까지 can be attached to a noun to say ‘to/until/as far as’ a place or time:

8시부터 2시까지 에 있을 거에요.

I will be in the office from 8am until 2pm.

[[공원]에 도달 할 때까지 [계속 직진해 가세요].

Keep going straight until you reach the park.

자정까지 돌아와세요.

Please come back before/by midnight.

지금까지 3장만을 읽었어요.

So far I’ve only read three chapters.

[언제까지 숙제 제출해야 되요?

When do we have to submit the homework?*

(lit. until when do we submit the homework)*


처음부터 끝까지, 이 책을 읽는 것을 어려웠어요.

From start to finish, reading this book was difficult.

새벽까지 컴퓨터 게임을 했어요.

Until dawn I was playing computer games.


[지난 밤 늦게까지 공부했어요.

I studied ‘til late last night.


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