Expressing Tendency In Korean Using 는 편이다

는 편이다 grammar

In Korean grammar, A/V + ㄴ/은/는 편이다 is a structure that expresses a tendency or habit to do or be something.

This construction provides a gentler or less direct way to convey a behavior or characteristic compared to simply using a verb or adjective alone. In English, it can sometimes be likened to phrases like ‘kind of’, ‘relatively’, or ‘quite’.

Grammar Rule: A/V + ㄴ/은/는 편이다

Examples of 는 편이다

주말에는 친구들이랑 탁구를 하는 편이에요.
I tend to play table tennis with my friends on the weekend (not weekdays).
몇 개월 동안 저는 훈련했는데 빠르게 달리기를 못 하는 편이에요.
I've been training for a few months but I can't really run that fast.
그가 여자친구한테 자주 전화를 안 하는 편이에요.
He doesn't tend to call his girlfriend often.
일본어가 한국어보다 어려운 편이에요.
Japanese is rather more difficult than Korean.
한국 학생들이 영국 생활에 호기심이 있는 편이에요.
Korean students are quite curious about life in the UK.
남동생이 아직 키가 작은 편이에요.
My younger brother is still fairly short.


Understanding and using 는 편이다 is essential for learners aiming for natural-sounding Korean expressions.

By incorporating this structure into your conversations, you can share your habits, tendencies, and observations in a nuanced and descriptive way.

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