Since/because: (으)니까

With  (으)니까, the V/A before is the reason or the basis of judgement of the V that follows:

오늘은 피곤하니까 일찍 잘 거예요.

Today I’ll go to bed early because I’m tired.

제가 숙제 많이 있으니까 PC방에 못 가요.

Since I have a lot of homework, I’m not going to the PC room.

(When constructing sentences it may help to think of (으)니까 as ‘since’.)

-(으)니까 is used instead of when the reason is personal or not commonly known. Compare:

비가 많이 왔어 우산을 가지고 갔어요.

It was raining heavily, so I took an umbrella.

비가 많이 오니까 내일 만납시다.

Since it’s raining heavily, let’s meet tomorrow.

(으)니까 is used instead of for suggestions:

지금은 밥을 먹어 나중에 축구를 합시다.

지금은 밥을 먹으니까 나중에 축구를 합시다.

Since I’m eating a meal now, let’s play football later.

배가 많이 고프니까 먼저 밥 먹을게요.

I’m really hungry so I’ll eat first.

저번에 갔으니까 오늘은 안 가려고요.

Since I went the other day I’m not going to go today.

저는 조금 바쁘니까 나중에 전화해 주세요.

Since I’m a little busy please call me later.

버스가 늦으니까 집까지 걸었어요.

Because the bus was late I walked home.

이 기차는 복잡하니까 다음 기차를 타고 갈게요.

Since this train is crowded I’ll take the next train.

저는 공부해야 되니까 수영 안 해요.

I must study so I’m not going swimming.

날씨가 아직 시원하니까 산책을 합시다.

Since the weather is still cool, let’s go for a walk.

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