Shibal (씨발) In Korean Meaning (Be Very Careful Saying This)

Ever heard the term shibal (씨발) when you were in Korea?

It’s probably one of the worst possible insults in the Korean language. It’s also misunderstood by foreigners who are trying to understand its meaning and application.

Shibal (씨발) loosely translates to “fuck you”.

However, ‘shib’ (씹) literally means “pussy” or “cunt”, not “fuck”. It’s a crude word for female genitalia.

What about the ending of the word (al)?

This is actually a future tense conjugation (할) of the hada (하다) verb (to do) with the ‘h’ dropped.

This means that ‘shibal’ literally equates to “will do pussy”, or implied “will do it to your pussy” (in other words, “will fuck you”). 😊

Another variation of this term is 씹새끼 (shib-sekki), directed at males, which is the equivalent of “motherfucker” or “son of a whore” in Korean (새끼 refers to ‘offspring’ or ‘a child’). 씹할년 (shib-hal-nyun) is an alternative that can be directed at females.

As you can see, shibal (and its variations) is a very strong term in Korean and should never be used in most contexts (unless you absolute hate someone or are joking with very close friends).

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