Shall I/Would you V?: (으)ㄹ 까요 (Part 2)

As well as being used to make suggestions for actions,  (으)ㄹ 까요?  can be used to ask for opinions on doing something:

— 문을 닫을 까요?

— Shall I close the door?

— 네, 문을 닫으세요.

— Yes, please close the door.

— 차나 커피 드릴까요?

— Would you like some tea or coffee?

— 네, 정말 목이 말라요. 커피 한 장 주세요.

— Yes, I’m really thirsty. Please make me a cup of coffee.

무슨 영화를 볼까요?

Which movie would you like to watch?


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