It seems like/looks like: 은/는 것 같다

같다 — to be like — is used in different ways according to tense and whether it is a) comparing a noun b) comparing a verb or adjective c) being used in present continuous tense.

저 영화는 좀 심심한 것 같아요.

That movie seems to be a bit boring.

그는 야구 선수  같아요.

He looks like a baseball player.

그녀는 나가 것 같아요.

It seems like she’s leaving.


V/A + (으)ㄴ 것 같다: it seems V/A**


이 바지가 조금 비 것 같아요.

These trousers seem a little expensive.

많이 운동 것 같아요.

It seems like you’ve been exercising a lot.

한국어 배우는 것은 어려 것 같아요.

Learning Korean seems to be diffcult.

이게 좋 것 같아요.

I think this is better.

숙제가 많 것 같아요

It seems like a lot of homework.

이 학교는 나 것 같아요.

This seems to be a bad school.

N + 같다: it seems like N**


소주 같아요.

It seems to be soju.

그는 배우 같아요.

He looks like an actor.

V + 는 것 같다: it seems to be V-ing (present continuous)**


여동생이 자 것 같아요.

It seems like my younger sister is sleeping.

눈이 오 것 같아요.

It seems like it’s snowing.

그는 축구를 하 것 같아요.

It looks like he’s playing football.

그런 것 같아요.

I think so too.

It seems that way.

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