Seeing as X remains the case, Y is true: 는지라

A/V+는지라 Is a less commonly used structure that shows the relationship between a cause (that is usually ongoing) and its effect:

어릴 때부터 친구인지라 그의 마음을 잘 알아요.

We’ve been friends since we were young, so I know his mind very well

비가 많이 온지라 길이 매우 질어요.

Because it’s raining heavily,  the road is very muddy.

그 채임자가 아닌지라 문제를 응답하는 것을 거부했어요.

As he was not the person in charge, he refused to answer the question.

조금 전에 배불리 먹는지라 저녁은 굶어야 할 것 같아요.

Since he had eaten his fill earlier, by dinner it seemed like he would starve.

다음주부터 휴가인지라 오늘까지 끝내야 할이 산더미예요.

Because last week it was a holiday, there was a mountain of work to finish today.

여름인지라 더울 수밖에 없어요.

As it was summer you could not escape the heat.

사람들이 바쁜지라 이야기할 겨를도 없었어요.

People are busy, so they don’t have time to talk.

사용하기 매우 불편했는지라 더 이상 구매 안 하기로 했어요.

Since it was so inconvenient to use, I decided not to buy any more.

통금을 실시된지라 저녁에 집밖에 가면 안 돼요.

Because lockdown was in effect, we couldn’t leave the house in the evenings.

발을 다친지라 걷기가 너무 힘들어요.

Since I hurt my leg, it was difficult to walk.

공부는 통 안 했는지라 낙제 당했어요.

Because I hadn’t studied, I flopped the exam.

여권은 물론 돈까지 모두 잃어버린지라 장말 난감해요.

Since I lost everything from my passport to my money, it was unbearable.

그는 내일 떠나곘는지라 준비에 바쁠 거예요.

He  was busy preparing, because he was going to leave tomorrow.

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