Really? No way! : 기는(요)

A/V + 기는(요) is used to emphatically disagree with a previous statement:

— 이 책을 다 읽었어요?

— Have you finished reading the book?

끝나기는요? 책을 읽는 것을 시작하지 않았어요! — Finished? I haven’t started reading it!

— 지금 너무 춥죠? — It’s really cold now, right? — 춥기는요. 다음 달에 기온이 더 낮아질 거예요 — Cold?! Next month the temperature will get lower.

A/V + 기는(요) can also show modesty in accepting a compliment :

— 한국말을 잘하시네요.

— You speak Korean really well.

잘하기는요. 아직도 실수를 많이 해요. — Well? I still make lots of mistakes.

— 옷을 잘 입어요. — You dress very well. — 잘 입기는요. — Dress well? Oh not at all… (blushing)

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