Practically/it's as if: 다시피 하다

V + 다시피 하다 is a figurative expression meaning ‘I’m practically V-ing’ or ‘it’s as if I am V-ing’. Similar to 듯(이), it shows that something was done to such a degree that it was almost something else entirely:

축구선수의 사진이 신문을 도배하다시피 했어요.

The footballer’s picture was (wallpapered) all over the news.

그녀는 라면을 주식으로 하다시피 한다.

She practically lives on ramen.

임금이 너무 낮아서 일을 무상으로 하다시피 하고 있어요.

The wages are so low it’s as if I’m working for free.

어렸을 때 어머니가 출장을 자주 가셔서 아버지께서 저를 키우다시피 했어요.

When I was young my mum often went on business trips so I was practically raised by my dad.

길이 막혀서 차가 기어가다시피 하고 있어요.

The road is blocked so it’s almost as if cars are crawling along.

동생이 다이어트를 한다고 밥을 굶다시피 해서 걱정돼요.

I’m worried because my brother went on a diet and looks practically starved.

방학 동안에는 한국 학생들이 PC방에 살다시피 해요.

During the school holidays Korean students practically live in PC rooms.

숙제가 많은데 다 하느라 밤을 새우다시피 했어요.

I had a lot of homework and basically stayed up all night finishing it.

어젯밤에 술을 너무 많이 마셔서 오늘 아침에 숙취 때문에 거의 죽다시피 했어요.

I drank so much last night that I almost died of a hangover this morning.

기말고사를 곧 봐서 도서관에서 살다시피 하고 있어요.

I’m more or less living in the library because I’m about to take my final exams.

늦어서 우리는 뛰다시피 했는데도 기차를 놓쳤어요.

We practically ran for the train, but because we were late, we missed it.

그는 여자친구에게 거의 매일 전화하다시피 하고 있어요.

He calls his girlfriend practically every day.

는 셈이다

는 셈이다 is a colloquial way to express that X more or less amounts to Y (‘it’s practically’, ‘it’s virtually’, ‘almost as if’):

학생 9명 중 10명이 통화보다 문자 메시지로 친구랑 이야기를 했으니까 거의 다 그렇게 이야기 하는 셈이에요.

Nine out of ten students talked to their friends via text messages rather than on the phone, so virtually all of them do.

한국 학생들이 매일 공부하는 셈이에요.

Korean students study practically every day.

10년 동안 고향에 1번 돌아갔으니까 거의 안 가는 셈이에요.

I’ve been back to my hometown once in 10 years, so it’s as if I rarely go.

쌓인 에어마일스로 여름 여행경비를 충당했으니 무료인 셈이에요.

The air miles I accumulated covered my summer travel expenses, so the trip was almost free.

가게가 곧 폐쇄되어서 90% 할인을 받았어요. 옷을 무료로 산 셈이에요.

The store was closing down and I got a 90% discount! I basically got the clothes for free. 

사우디에 사는 호주 친구는 15년동안 리야드에 살았으니까 리야드가 고향인 셈이에요.

My Australian friend living in Saudi Arabia has been here in Riyadh for 15 years, so Riyadh is basically his hometown.

생일 때만 와인을 한 잔 마시니까 술을 거의 안 마시는 셈이에요.

I drink a glass of wine only on my birthday, so it’s almost as if I don’t drink.

일주일에 5-6번 헬스장에 가서 매일 가는 셈이에요.

I go to the gym 5-6 times a week, so I’m there pretty much every day.

시험에서 98% 받았으니까 만점을 받은 셈이에요.

I got 98% on the test, so I basically got a perfect score.

품질에 비해 비싸게 산 셈이에요.

It’s kind of expensive, given the quality.

10명 중 9명이 그 후보에게 투표했으니까 거의 다 찬성한 셈이에요.

Nine out of ten voted for the candidate, so essentially they were all in agreement.

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