A Person Who's Always...: 쟁이

N + 쟁이 colloquially describes a person who is known for, or frequently exhibits a certain trait or characteristic. It can be negative or positive. Here are some examples:

거짓말쟁이 — a serial liar

쟁이 — a stylish person

고집쟁이 — a stubborn person

욕심쟁이 — a greedy person

엄살쟁이 — someone who fakes/exaggerates

말쌍쟁이 — a troublemaker

개구쟁이 — a brat

아부쟁이 — a sycophant, suck up

쟁이 — a coward

공부쟁이 — someone who’s always studying

고자질쟁이 — a snitch

수다쟁이 — a chatterbox

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