You don't have to/probably won't do X, but at least do Y: 을 것

을 것 까지는 없겠지만 is placed between two actions to say that the first is not necessary or likely, but the second is the least one should do: ‘you don’t have to/probably won’t do X, but at least do Y’. As a result, the second clause is always a command or strong recommendation:

대부분 사우디사람이 영어를 할 수 있어서 아랍어를 유창하게 할 것 까지는 없겠지만 쉬운인사는 배워야 해요.

Since most Saudis can speak English it’s not necessary to master Arabic, but you should at least learn some simple greetings.

결혼식에  초대할 때 비싼 선물을 살 것 까지는 없겠지만 부부에게 돈을 줘야 돼요.

When you’re invited to a Korean wedding it’s not necessary to buy an expensive present but you should at least give the couple money.

아무리 다이어트를 한다고 해도 밥을 안 먹을 것까지는 없겠지만 양을 조금 줄이는 게 좋을 거예요.

No matter how much you diet, it’s not necessary to stop eating but if you reduce the portion sizes a little that would be good.

아무리 스트레스를 받는다고 해도 회사를 그만둘 것까지는 없겠지만 하루 쉬는 게 좋겠어요.

No matter how much stress you’re under, it’s not necessary to quit your job — just taking a day off would be good.

부모님을 만나기 전에 샤워를 할 것 까지는 없겠지만 셔츠는 갈아입어야 돼요.

Before going to visit my parents you don’t have to take a shower, but the least you should do is change that shirt.

가수가 아무리 아프다고 해도 공연을 최소 할 것 까지는 없겠지만 연기는 해야 해요.

Even if the singer is really sick, they shouldn’t cancel the performance but they could at least postpone it.

날마다 여자친구에게 전화를 할 것 까지는 없겠지만 주말마다 전화를 해야 해요.

You probably won’t call your girlfriend everyday but you should at least call on weekends.

아무리 바쁘다고 해도 주방 전체 청소할 것 까지는 없겠지만 설거지는 해야 해요.

I know that you’re busy so you probably won’t clean the entire kitchen but you should at least wash the dishes.

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