How to Call Someone a Nerd in Korean

A category of what you are into: —

덕 — anime nerd

겜덕 — gamer (게임)

밀덕 — army nerd (미리터리)

기덕 — tech nerd (기기)

컴덕 — computer nerd (컴퓨터)**

음덕** — music obsessive (음악)

락덕 — rock obsessive (락음악)**

버덕** — bus timetable anorak (버스시간표)

입덕/탈덕하다 — to start/stop being obsessed with a person

-덕질 (the state of being a nerd), e.g. 기덕질, being a tech nerd and doing tech nerd things

A specific thing you are into: -빠

닌빠 — Nintendo nerd

반탄빠 — BTS nerd

애플빠 — Apple nerd

롤빠 — LOL nerd

힙찔이 — obnoxious hiphop nerd

앱등이 — Apple fanboy

삼엽충 — Samsung fanboy

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