Negative outcomes: 느라고

V + 느라고 shows that an action had a negative outcome:

열심히 공부하느라고 게임을 하러 PC방에 못 갔어요.

I couldn’t come to the PC room to play computer games because I was studying hard.

영국 친구에게 전화를 하느라고 축구 경기를 못 했어요.

My British friend called so I couldn’t play football.

저는 늦잠을 자느라고 회의를 놓쳤어요.

Because I overslept I missed the meeting.

저는 식료품을 많이 사느라고 지금 친구에게 돈을 빌려 주어 못 해요.

Because I bought a lot of groceries I can’t lend my friend any money now.

오늘 아침에 잠을 자느라고 전화 소리를 못 들었어요.

This morning I didn’t hear the phone ringing (lit. phone sound) because I was asleep.

어젯 밤에 새우느라고 수업 동안 집중 못 했어요.

Because I stayed up last night I couldn’t concentrate during class.

저는 대답하지 않느라고 부르는 소리를 못 들었어요.

I didn’t respond because I didn’t hear you calling me (lit. calling sound).

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