More... than I thought: 생각했던 것 보다

생각했던 것 보다 is similar to 보다, but adding 했던 relates the comparison to a past action/state — in this case, your previous expectations:

만든 음식이 생각했던 것 보다 더 맛있었어요.

The food I made tasted better than I thought (it would).

이 영화가 생각했던 것 보다 더 길었어요.

This movie is longer than I thought.

한국에서 미국까지 비행기 표가 생각했던 것 보다 더 비싸요.

My plane ticket from Korea to the USA costs more than I thought.

The structure can also take different ‘thought’ verbs and intensifiers:

그것이 생각했던 것 보다 훨씬 쉬워요.

It’s much easier than I thought.

그의 여자친구가 상상했던 것보다 더 매력적 이었어요.

His girlfriend was more attractive than I imagined.

여행이 기대했던 것 보다 오래 걸렸어요.

The journey took longer (more time) than I expected.

날씨가 예상했던 것 보다 훨씬 나빴어요.

The weather was much worse than predicted.

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