It's enough to/you just have to V: (으)면 되다

V + (으)면 되다 is used to show the minimum that is required to achieve a result:

영국에서 미국까지 국제 전화를 걸려면 먼저 001번을 누르면 돼요.

When you call the USA from the UK, just press ‘001’ first.

인도네시아에 도착할 때는 공항에서 비자를 받 면 돼요.

When you arrive in Indonesia you can just get a visa at the airport.

한국 운전시험에 합격하려면, 70점 이상을 받으면 돼요.

To pass the Korean driving test you just need to score 70 points or more.

출발하기 2시간 전에 표를 사러 역에 가면 돼요.

It’s enough to go to the train station two hours before departure to buy a ticket.

강남에 아파트를 사려면 은행을 털면 돼요.

If you want to buy an apartment in Gangnam you just need to rob a bank (!)

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