Do you mean that...? I mean that...: (ㄴ)단 / 이란 말이에요

(ㄴ)단 말이에요 is an informal ending that, depending on the intonation, either checks or confirms information:

A / V (stem) + ㄴ 단 말이에요

그는 한국에 나가단 말이에요?

Do you mean that he’s leaving Korea?**


늦잠을 잤단 말이에요?

Do you mean that you overslept?

저는 성급하 말이에요.**

**I mean that I’m very impatient.

N + (이)란 말이에요

지금 남아공에는 여름이란 말이에요?

Do you mean it’s summer in South Africa now?

이것은 진짜 프랑스의 빵이란 말이에요.

I mean this is authentic French bread.

그녀가 한국인아니란 말이에요.

I mean that she’s not Korean.

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