I learned/found/experienced that: V + 더라고요

V + 더라고요 can mean ‘because’ or ‘I learned/found/experienced that…’ It is based on firsthand experience or realisation of something:

한국말은 말하기가 어렵**더라고요.

**I’ve learned that speaking Korean is difficult.

전은 아주 기름지더라고요.

I’ve found Korean pancakes to be very greasy.


초밥 — sushi (lit. small rice)

새로운 — new (adjective)

어떤 게 — which one/thing

중에서 — among

말고는 — other than (from 말고 — instead)

— 오사카 음식 중에서 어떤 게(것이) 맛있었어요?

— Among the foods in Osaka, which ones were delicious?

— 타코야키가 맛있더라고요.

I found that Takkoyaki was delicious.

— 타코야키 말고는 어떤 게 맛있었어요?

— Other than takkoyaki, which foods were delicious?

— 초밥가 맛있더라고요.

I found that sushi was delicious.

겨울에 한국 날씨는 진짜 춥더라고요.

During the winter, I find that the Korean weather is really cold.

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