How To Say 'Just' In Korean (을 뿐이다)

The Korean expression A/V + 을 뿐이다 is used to emphasize the limited scope or simplicity of an action or state.

In English, it’s often translated as “just” to denote that nothing more than the specified action or state is taking place.

Examples of 을 뿐이다

저는 궁금했을 뿐이에요.
I was just wondering.
저는 당신에 대해 생각할 뿐이에요.
I was just thinking about you.
저는 충분히 쉬는 것이 필요할 뿐이고 괜찮아질 거에요.
I just need to get enough rest and I'll be fine.
저는 너에게 짧게 말하고 싶었을 뿐이에요.
I just wanted to talk to you briefly.
왜 당신은 화가 났어요? 저는 농담했을 뿐이에요!
Why are you getting angry? I was just joking!


The A/V + 을 뿐이다 structure is useful for situations where you want to emphasize that you’re doing something and nothing more.

It helps to clarify your actions or state, especially when there might be misunderstandings.

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