Just as/in accordance with N: 대로

N + 대로 indicates that something is in keeping with the object’s nature or characteristics:

As/in accordance with N: N + 대로

이 책들을 순서대로 정리 하세요.

Please arrange these books in order.

사용한 후에 그대로 두세요.

After you’ve used it, please leave it as it is/was.

마음대로 하세요.

Please do as you wish.

그 식당에 절대로 * 다시 안 가요!

*(As an absolute) I will not go to that resturant again!  

I will never go to that resturant again!

어릴 때 부모닙의 가르침대로 그렇께 했어요.

When I was young I did things just as my parents taught me.

설명서대로 모든 일을 했어요.

I did everything according to the instructions.

내일의 회의는 계획대로 할 거에요.

Tomorrow’s meeting will go ahead as planned.

약속대로 남자친구가 생일 위해 반지를 쌌어요.

Just (exactly) as he promised, my boyfriend bought me a ring for my birthday.

한국학생은 한국학생대로 재미있는 자는 방법 하고 자는 곳을 항상 찾아요.

Korean students being Korean students, they always find interesting ways and places to sleep.

사우디 생활은 생각대로 되지 않아요.

Life in Saudi Arabia is not as I thought it would be.

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