Word Wars: 만들다, 들어 있다, 포함하다 (what's in that?)

Here are three ways to talk about what things contain, include or are made of:

로 …를 만들다: X is made from Y (note that it reads in reverse)

이것은 무엇으로 만들어요?

What is this made of?

나무 종이를 만들어요.

Paper is made from wood/trees.

(lit. by trees paper is made)

전통적으로 감자 보드카를 만들어요.

Traditionally, vodka is made from potatoes.

보통 배추하고 칠리 김치를 만들어요.

Kimchi is usually made from Chinese cabbage and chili.

들어 있다: to contain, as in a recipe

이 국 안에는 무엇이 들어 있어요?

What’s in this soup?

이 국은 호박하고 후추가 들어 있어요.

This soup contains pumpkin and black pepper.

포함하다: to show that one thing is included as part of another

모류두 와인 한 잔을 포함한 가격이에요.

The price includes one free glass of wine.

아침 하고 저녁 시가를 포함한 가격이에요.

The price includes breakfast and dinner.

아침 식사가 포함된 가격이에요?

Is breakfast included in the price?

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