It's impossible to keep V-ing: 다 못해

Using V + 다 못해 you can show that it has become impossible to do or maintain the current action and you are changing your action/location/purpose etc.:

더위를 참다 못해 그는 지하철에서 내려 집까지 걸어갔어요.

Unable to stand the heat, he got off the subway train and walked home.

입을 다물다 못해 큰 목소리로 친구에게 소리쳤어요.

No longer able to keep quiet, she shouted at her friend loudly.

깨어 있다 못해 학생들이 잠이 들었어요.

Unable to stay awake, the students fell asleep.

힘든 작업 환경을 견디다 못해 작업을 그만두었어요.

Unable to endure the hard working conditions, he quit his job.

기다리다 못해 돌아갔어요.

Unable to wait any longer, she went back.

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