I'm going to V: (으)려고요

V + (으)려고요 is the contracted form of V + (으)려고 해요, and roughly translates to ‘I am planning to do it’:

제가 매일 한국어를 말하려고요.

I’m going to speak Korean every day.

하루에 20개의 새로운 한국어 단어를 배우려고요.

I’m planning to learn 20 Korean words per day.

Note the difference between these expressions of intent:

제가 한국에 방문하려고요.

I’m planning to visit Korea.

제가 한국에 방문할 게요.

I will visit Korea (what do you think? — expecting a response)

제가 한국에 방문할 거에요.

I will visit Korea (a more firm idea)

제가 한국에 방문할래요.

I want to visit Korea (I’m determined and you can’t stop me! — a fixed idea)

누구를 만나려고요?

Who are you planning to meet?

저는 내년에 석사 과정을 시작하려고요.

Next year, I am going to start a master’s program.

선생님에게 물으려고요.

I’m going to ask my teacher.

내일부터 저는 매일 아침에 운동하려고요.

From tomorrow, I’m going to exercise every morning.

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