If you intend to V: (으)려면

V + (으)려면 is a conditional structure used to say ‘if you intend to V’ or ‘if you are to V’. The condition for fulfillment forms the second clause:

한국말을 잘 하려면 열심히 연습해야 돼요.

If you want to speak Korean well, you must practice a lot.

목포에 버스로 타고 가려면, 당신은 바로 떠나야 해요.

If you intend to go to Mokpo by bus, you need to leave immediately.

일본에서 살려면 많은 돈이 벌어야 돼요.

If you intend to live in Japan, you need to earn a lot of money.

의사를 만나려면 월요일에 병원으로 오세요.

If you want to see a doctor, come to the hospital on Monday.

시험을 잘 보려면 먼저 준비해야 돼요.

If you are to do well in the exam, you should prepare beforehand.

박물관에 가려면 몇 번 출구로 나가요?

If I want to go to the museum, which exit should I use?


벌다 — to earn

준비하다 — to prepare

나가다 — to exit, leave

박물관 — museum

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