I heard that/is it true that ...? 는다면서요, 이라면서요

This structure, typical in conversation, can be used with nouns, verbs and adjectives to seek confirmation of what has been heard (e.g. a rumour, a plan):

I heard that it’s N… is that true?: N + 이라면서요?

— 경민씨, 오늘은 생일이라면서요?

— 네, 감사합니다.

— Gyeongmin, I heard that today is your birthday, right?

— Yes, thanks.

I heard that it’s V… is that true?: V +ㄴ/은/는다면서요

— 다음주 수요일은 방학을 시작한다면서요?

— 네. 학기가 일찍 끝낼 거예요.

— Is it true that next Wednesday is the start of the holidays?

— Yes. The semester will finish early.

— 철수씨, 여자친구와 결혼한다면서요?

— 아니요, 결혼 신청도 안 해요!

— Cheolsu, is it true that you and your girlfriend are getting married?

— No, I haven’t even proposed!

— 다음 달에 서울로 이사가는다면서요?

— 네, 맞아요.

— 와! 부러워요!

— I heard that you are moving to Seoul next month. Is that right?

— Yes, that’s right.

— Wow! I’m so jealous!

— 대통령 박근혜를 탄핵한다면서요?

— 네. 아마 감옥에 보내질 거에요!

— Is it true that President Park is being impeached?

— Yes. Maybe she’ll go to prison!

I heard that it’s A… it that true?: A + 다면서요?

— 철현씨, 몸이 너무 아프다면서요?

— 네, 병원에 입원했어요.

— Cheolhyeon, is it true that you’re really sick?

— Yeah, I was admitted to hospital.

— 두바이에는 생활비가  너무 비싸다면서요?

— 네, 근데 좋은 생활방식이에요.

— Is it true that the living costs in Dubai are very high?

— Yes, but it’s a great lifestyle.

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