Korean Hanja For Mistake (失)

失 — mistake, slip, lose

失 pronounced 실

실수 [하다 ] (失手) — mistake

실망 [스럽다 ] (失望) — disappointment

실격 [하다/되다 ] (失格) — disqualification

실업 (失業) — unemployment

실패 [하다 ] (失敗) — failure

분실 [하다 ] (紛失) — to lose something (formal)

최근 발표된 연구에 따르면 다른 지역에 비해 중동의 청년실업률이 높아요.

According to recently published research, the youth unemployment rate in the Middle East is much higher than other regions.

최근 Marvel 영화는 엄청나게 실망스러워요.

The latest Marvel movie was really disappointing.

그 선수는 약물 복용으로 실격처리 되었어요.

The player was disqualified for taking illegal drugs.

한국말로 할 때 실수를 하더라도 절대 포기하지 않을 거예요.

Even though I make a lot of mistakes when I speak Korean , I will never give up.

주민 등록증을 분실해서 경찰에 신고해야 했어요.

I lost my ID so I had to report it to the police.

아무리 많이 실패했다고 해도 결코 포기하지마!

No matter how many times you’ve failed never give up!

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