Korean Hanja For Hand Or Skill (手)

手 — a SKILLFULLY drawn HAND (with six fingers?)

手 pronounced

선수 — athlete, player

가수 — singer

수술 — surgery

수건 — towel

실수하다 — to make a mistake

세수하다 — to wash one’s face/hands, to wash up

악수하다 — to shake hands

왜 한국 사우나에는 수건을 너무 작아요?

Why are towels in Korean saunas so small?

저의 고등학교 학생도 성형 수술을 했어요.

Even some of my high school students have had plastic surgery.

어렸을 때 축구선수를 되고 싶곤했어요.

When I was young I wanted to be a footballer.

건강한 피부를 유지하면 잠을 자기 전에 항상 세수해야 돼요.

To maintain healthy skin you should always wash your face before going to sleep.

보통 두 사람이 서로 처음에 인사할 때 손을 악수해요.

Usually when two people meet each other for the first time they shake hands.

지난 주에 우리학교에서 유명한 가수를 공연했어요.

Last week a famous singer performed at our school.

한국어를 배울 때 실수를 두려워지 않는 것이 중요해요.

When learning Korean, it’s important not to fear making mistakes.

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