Korean Hanja For Communicate (通)

通 — to communicate, to pass through

通 pronounced

통 (通) — counter for letters, documents

통신 (通信) — communication

통화 (通話) — to speak over the phone

교통 (交通) — traffic

보통 (普通) — usually, generally

통하다 (通) — to pass through, be done through

통행 [하다 ] (退職) — to pass along (a road)

개통 [되다 ] (退職) — to be open to traffic

통과 [하다 ] (退職) — to pass through (some form of barrier/border, e.g. a bill, bridge, test, screening, tunnel)

한국어를 잘 할 수 있게 된다면 제 다음 목표는 한국어를 통해 일본어를 배우는 것이에요.

Once I can speak Korean well, my next goal is to learn Japanese through Korean.

일방통행 길에서 역주행하는 사우디 운전자를 자주 봐요.

You often see Saudi drivers going the wrong way down one way streets.

편지는커녕 메시지 한 통도 여자에게 받아본 적이 없어요!)

Never mind a letter, I’ve never even received an email from that woman!

집세에 통신비가 포함되어 있어서 밤새 내내 인터넷으로 영화를 다운로드를 했어요.

The cost of communication expenses (phone, internet plans) were included in the rent, so she stayed up all night downloading movies from the internet.

유대교에서 바르 미츠바는 청소년의 통과 의례로 여겨져요.

The Bar Mitzvah is a rite of passage in Judaism.

통화 중에 누군가 문 밖에서 노크했어요.

While I was speaking on the phone someone knocked on the front door.

지금은 대중교통이 없지만 내년에 지하철이 개통될 예정이에요.

In Riyadh there’s no public transport, but next year a subway system is scheduled to open.

보통 새벽 5시반에 일어났는데 왠지 모르게 오늘은 늦잠을 잤어요.

Usually I wake up at 5:30am but for some reason I overslept this morning.

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