Korean Hanja For Beyond (過)


**過 — to be past, in excess of, beyond


pronounced 과

과식 — overeating

과음 — binge drinking

과거 — the past

과거장 — an obituary

과분 하다 — to be too much for, exhausting, undeserved

과로 되다 — to be overworked

태국에는 음식이 싸기  때문에 과식을 하는것이 너무 쉬어요.

Because in Thailand food is cheap it’s very easy to overeat.

전 대통령의 과거장을 읽으니까?

Did you read the former president’s obituary?

한국친구가 저에게 영국에는 과음 문화가 있냐고 했어요.

My Korean friend asked me if the UK has a binge drinking culture.

우리 부모님이 과거의 생활이 더 좋았다고 자주 말해요.

Our parents often say that life was better in the past.

제가 아는 모든 한국 사람들이 과로된  것  같아요.

It seems as though all the Koreans I know are overworked.

마라톤은 저에게 너무 과분한 운동이에요.

Marathons are too much for me.

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