Korean Hanja For Abandon, Terminate, Or Discard (廢)

廢 — to abandon terminate, discard

廢 pronounced

폐업 (廢業) — to cease trading, to close down a business

폐간 (廢刊) — to cease publishing

폐교 (廢校) — to close down a school

폐수 (廢水) — waste water, sewage

폐기 (廢棄) — to dispose of, disuse

폐지 (廢止) — to repeal, abolish, do away with (a rule, weapons)

공장 폐수가 강에 쏟아져서 물고기를 죽였어요.

The factory waste water spilled into the river and killed the fish.

미래에 사우디의 남성 보호자 제도가 폐지된다고 생각하는가?

Do you think the Saudi male guardianship system will be abolished in the future?

오래된 차를 폐기하는 가장 좋은 방법이 뭐예요?

What’s the best way to dispose of an old car?

총은 폐지되어야 한다고 생각하는 미국인이 많아요?

Are there many Americans who think guns should be abolished?

감소하는 출산율 때문에 시골 초등학교가 폐교되고 있어요.

Rural elementary schools are being closed because of the declining birth rate.

요즘 대부분의 사람이 인터넷으로 뉴스를 찾아봐서 많은 잡지는 폐간됐어요.

These days, most people look up news on the Internet, so many magazines have ceased publication.

3년 전만 해도 일하던 회사가 최근 폐업됐어요.

The company that I worked for three years ago was closed recently.


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