(From what I can see) I guess it's...: 나 보다

A/V/N + 나 보다 indicates that you are guessing something, but unlike 것 같다, your ‘guess’ is based on direct knowledge or experience of the situation. For example:

  1. Looking out of the window at swaying trees and leaves flying around, you might say “바람이 부르나 봐요” because you are seeing the effects of the wind.
  2. When your friend tells you they are going to the UK, you might say “비가 올 것 같아요”. Although you know that it sporadically rains there, you’ve never been there, or you’re not there right now, or you’re not currently watching the weather for the UK etc.

Note: A/V/N + 나 보다 is usually said as 나 보네(요) or 나 봐(요)

I guess it is V-ing/it V-ed: (었)나 보다

무대 불이 꺼지고 있어요. 밴드가 나오나 보네요!

The lights are going out on stage. It looks like the band is coming on!

그 외국인이 김치를 잘 먹어요! 오랫동안 한국에 살았나 보네요.

That foreigner eats kimchi well! I guess she’s been living in Korea for a long time.

미안합니다. 전화를 잘못 걸었나 보네요.

I’m sorry. I guess I dialed the wrong number.

일기 예보에 오늘은 날씨가 춥다고 하니 두꺼운 옷을 입어야 하나 보네요.

The weather forecast says it’s cold today, so I guess I should wear thicker clothes.

극장에서 사람이 많이 나와요. 공연이 끝났나 봐요.

There are a lot of people coming out of the theatre. I think the performance is over.

차들이 기어가는 걸 보니 앞에 교통사고가 났나 봐요.

I guess there’s a traffic accident up ahead, because the cars are crawling.

식당 밖에 많은 사람들이 줄을 서 있는 걸 보니 음식이 정말 맛있나 보네요.

I guess the food at that restaurant is really delicious because there’s a lot of people standing in line outside.

I guess it’s A: (ㄴ)나 보다

전화를 안 받는 걸 보니 많이 바쁜가 보네요.

You must be very busy because you don’t answer the phone.

이 콘서트의 인기가 좋은가 보네요. 표가 매진됐어요.

I guess this concert is very popular. Tickets are sold out.

너의 배에서 꼬르륵 소리가 나고 있어?! 배가 고프나 봐!

Is that your stomach growling?! You must be hungry!

I guess it’s N: 인가 보다

길이 막히네요. 러시아워인가 보네요.

The traffic is really bad. I guess it’s rush hour.

가게 문이 닫히고 있는 걸 보니 기도 시간인가 보네요.

I guess it’s time to pray because the store’s doors are closing.

가: A 왜 학생들이 한 명도 수업에 안 왔어요?

가: Why didn’t even one student come to class?

나: 내일이 시험이어서 학생들이 벼락치기를 하나 봐요.

나: I guess students are cramming for the exam tomorrow.

I guess it will V: 을 건가 보다

하늘이 흐린 걸 보니 비가 올 건가 봐요.

I guess it’s going to rain because the sky is cloudy.

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