How To Say 'Every' In Korean (N + 마다)

In Korean, the structure N + 마다 is used to signify “every N.”

This can be particularly helpful when you want to express the frequency of an action or occurrence.


주말마다 공원에 산책을 해요.
Every weekend I go for a stroll in the park.
아침마다 일찍 일어나서 피아노를 쳐요.
Every morning I wake up early and play the piano.
마다 어머니께 전화를 해요.
Every night I call my mother on the phone.
5번 버스는 10분마다 다녀요.
The number 5 bus comes every 10 minutes.
일요일마다 교회에 가요?
Do you go to church every Sunday?


Understanding and using the N + 마다 structure in Korean will help you clearly express frequency.

Whether it’s an activity, routine, or specific time interval, this pattern makes your sentences more informative and precise.

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