Frustration At Frequent Occurrences In Korean ((으)ㄹ라치면)

The Korean grammar pattern V + (으)ㄹ라치면 is often used to express displeasure with a frequently occurring situation.

Specifically, whenever you try to do something, a second action occurs that prevents the first from happening. For example:

Every single time I try X, this happens.”

This pattern is somewhat similar to 으려고 하면 but is less commonly used in speech.


아내와 말싸움을 할라치면 어머니가 늘 아내의 편을 들어주어요.
Whenever I argue with my wife, my mother always sides with her.
친구에게 전화를 할라치면 계속 통화 중이에요.
Whenever I try to call my friend, he's always on the phone.
쇼핑몰에 갈라치면 가장 좋아하는 가게가 문을 닫아요!
Every single time I go to the shopping mall, my favorite shop is closed!
제 동생은 사진을 찍을라치면 언제나 눈을 감아요.
Just when I think I'll get a good picture of my brother, he closes his eyes.
퇴근을 할라치면 여지 없이 상사가 심부름을 시켜요.
Just when I think I'll be able to leave work, my boss makes me run errands.
저축을 할라치면 집수리를 하게 되어서 돈을 못 모아요.
Whenever I try to start saving, something in the house needs repairing so I'm unable to save.
영화를 볼라치면 금방 매진이 되네요.
Every single time I try to go and see that movie, the tickets are sold out.
조용히 책을 읽을라치면 이웃이 음악을 크게 틀어놓고 노래를 해서 마칠 지경이에요.
Every time I plan to quietly read my book, my neighbors start playing loud music and singing, to the point where I just stop reading.
아기를 잠 재울라치면 항상 울고 소리쳐요.
Whenever I'm about to put my baby to sleep, he always cries and screams.


The (으)ㄹ라치면 pattern is a valuable tool for expressing situations where repeated actions frustrate your initial plans.

Understanding this pattern will not only enrich your vocabulary but also provide a nuanced way to share your experiences and frustrations in Korean.

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