Unfortunately, I unintentionally ended up V-ing: 고 말다

V + 고 말다 shows that after doing one action, the final outcome was a contrasting and negative one. It roughly translates to ‘I ended up Ving’, ‘in the end I V-ed’ or ‘finally I V-ed’. 결국 (also ‘in the end’) can be added for emphasis:

밤을 새야하는데 잠에 들고 말았어요.

I tried to stay up all night but eventually I fell asleep.

숙제를 끝내려고 했지만 포기하고 말았어요.

I tried to finish my homework but I eventually gave up.

차가 비쌌지만 결국고 말았어요.

The car was expensive but in the end I bought it.

버스는 덥고 복잡해서 집까지 걸어가고 말았어요.

The bus was so hot and crowded so I ended up walking home.

우산을 잊어버려서 비가 왔을 때 옷이 젖고 말았**어요**.

I did the test but I didn’t prepare so I ended up failing.

잘못된 버튼을 누르고 파일을 지우고 말았어요.

I pressed the wrong button and ended up erasing the file.

남자친구와 다투고 헤어지고 말았어요.

I had an argument with my boyfriend and ended up breaking up with him.

버스에서 잠이 들었어서 역을 지나치고 말았어요.

I fell asleep on the bus and ended up passing the train station.

무척 바빴어서 친구의 생일을 잊어버리고 말았어요.

I was so busy that I ended up forgetting my friend’s birthday.

어젯 밤을 새우기 때문에 오늘 아침에 늦잠을 자고 버스를 놓치고 말았어요.

I overslept this morning and ended up missed the bus because I stayed up all night.

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