Expressing an earnest (conditional) desire: 다면야

A/V/N + 다면야 indicates that, assuming that the preceding condition is met, an earnestly desired outcome is a certainty:

젊고 건강하다면야 무슨 일이든 못 하겠어요?

As long as you’re young and healthy, then there’s nothing you can’t do, right?

(It is my wish that you do all that you want to, and if you’re young and healthy, you surely will)

준영씨가 가지 않는다면야 저도 가지 않겠어요.

I won’t go unless Jun Yeong goes.

(It is my wish that we both go, and if he doesn’t go, then I definitely won’t either)

열심히 공부한다면야 누구든지 대학에 갈 수 있어요.

Anyone can go to university as long as they study hard.

(It is my wish that you go to university, and if you study hard you surely will)

이번에 네가 합격만 한다면야 원하는 걸 뭐든지 다 해줄 수 있을까 꼭 합격하라!

If you pass the exam this time you can do whatever you want, so please just pass!

(I am willing you to pass, and if you do, you will surely have the freedom to do whatever you want)

아이들이 맛에게 먹는다면야 아무리 힘들고 귀찮아도 부모님이 음식을 만들어 줘야 지요.

No matter how hard and annoying it is, so long as children eat (if/when children eat), their parents should make the food for them.

(I hope that children always eat home cooked meals, so if the parents do that — regardless of difficulty — then children will surely eat well)

여러분이 응원을 해준다면야 죄절을 다해 좋은 성적을 올릴 수 있을 것 같아요.

So long as you support me, I think I can do my best to get good grades.

(I want good grades, and with your support I will get them)

저의 반 친구의 결혼 소식을 알았다면야 왜 제가 안 겠어요?

If I had known about my classmate’s wedding, why wouldn’t I have attended?

(I would have liked to attend, and if I’d known I surely would have)

네가 그 사람이 좋다면야 나이는 별 문제가 되지 않겠지!

Age doesn’t matter if you like him.

(I think you should date him, and as long as you like him, age surely won’t be a problem)

능력이 있다면야 우승할 수 있지요.

As long as I have the ability, I can surely win.

(I am determined to win, and as long as I have the ability then I will)

날씨가 춥지만 않다면야 얼마든지 걸을 수 있어요.

I can walk as long as the weather isn’t cold.

(I want to walk, and if it’s not cold I surely will)

여려분들이 즐겁다면야 1 시간도 더 할 수 있을 거예요.

As long as you’re happy, you’ll be able to do it for another hour.

(I’d really like you to continue for an hour, and if you’re happy you surely can)

제에게 돈이 많다면야 세계 일주 못 하겠어요?

So long as you have a lot of money, you’re free to travel around the world, right?

(I hope that you travel the world, and if you have the money, you surely can) 

민수 씨가 저 대신 회의에 가겠다면야 고마운 일이지요.

I’d be grateful if Minsu would go to the meeting instead of me.

(I really want for someone else to go, and if they do I will of course be thankful to them)

학생이라면야 당연히 공부를 열심히 해야 하는 거요.

If you’re a student, of course you have to work hard.

(It is my wish that you work hard, and as long as you’re a student it’s something you will definitely do)

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