Compound Verbs 9: 갈다 (to change, renew)

**갈다 — to change, renew


갈아타다 — to transfer (between vehicles)

(갈 + 아 + to ride)

옥스포드 서커스에서 빅토리아 선으로 갈아탈 수 있어요.

At Oxford Circus you can transfer to the Victoria Line.

갈아입다 — to change clothes

(갈 + 아 + to wear)

축구경기를 한 후에 땀을 흘려서 샤워를 하고 갈아입었어요.

After playing football I was very sweaty so I took a shower and changed clothes.

갈아 끼우다 — to replace (something broken)

(갈 + 아 + to insert)

거실에서 전구를 갈아 끼워야 해요.

I need to replace the light bulb in the living room.

차의 타이어를 갈아 끼우는 방법을 배웠어요.

I learned how to replace tires on my car.

갈아주다 — to change, renew (for sb)

(갈 + 아 + to give)

판을 갈아 주세요.

Please change the grill pan for me.

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