To become: 어/아 지다

어/아 지다 works with adjectives to show a changing state:

이번 달 초부터 기온이 올라가졌어요.

Since the start of this month, the temperature has been increasing. (lit. became increased)

나쁜 소식을 들었을 때 술프해졌어요.

I got upset when I heard the bad news.

과식을 하기 때문에 뚱뚱해져요.

I’m becoming overweight because I eat too much.

사람들이 월드컵에 대해 흥분해져요.

People are getting excited about the World Cup.

규칙적으로 식사를 먹으면 더 건강해 질 거에요.

If you eat regular meals you’ll become more healthy.

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