At least, instead, even if only: (이)라도

(이)라도 functions in a similar way to ‘at least’ or ‘even if only’. It can be used to show that something is not ideal, but it is acceptable for now:

주스가 없으면 커피라도 주세요.

If you don’t have juice at least give me coffee.

출근하기 전에 차 한 잔이라도 드세요.

At least have a cup of tea before you go to work.

이번 주말에 강에라도 같이 걸어갈까요?

This weekend shall we at least go for a walk along the river or something?

지금이라도 돈이 충분히 있어요.

For now, at least, I have enough money.

그냥 그거라도 주세요.

Just give me that, then (because you don’t have what I really want).

저는 당신이 한식을 별로 안 좋아하는 것을 알고 있지만 전이라도 먹어보세요.

I know you don’t like Korean food much, but at least try Korean pancakes.

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