As you know: 잖아(요)

잖아(요) is used to show that information should already be known to the other person. It roughly equates to ‘as you know’, ‘you should know that…’ or ‘I told you that…‘:


Come on… you know.


You know that it is!


You know I’m right!

— 발렌타인 데이를 즐거워했으면 좋겠어요.

— I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day.

— 남자친구 없잖아!

— You know I don’t have a boyfriend!

— 오늘밤 삼겹살을 먹을까요?

— Honey, shall we eat barbeque pork tonight?

— 아니… 고기를 안 먹잖아!

— No… you know I don’t eat meat!

— 잠깐 — 오늘은 어머니의 생일이에요?

— Wait — it’s your mother’s birthday today?

— 이전에 말했잖아!

— Yes I told you earlier!

— 오늘은 왜 교회에 가요?

— Why are you going to church today?

— 오늘 일요일이잖아요.

— Come on… it’s Sunday today!

— 왜 아주 많은 선물을 사요?

— Why are you buying so many presents?

— 다음 주에 크리스마스이잖아!

— You know it’s Christmas next week!

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