How To Say 'As Much As' In Korean (만큼)

When studying Korean, the grammar point ‘만큼’ is a crucial component for expressing degrees of comparison. This pattern can be translated as ‘as much as,’ ‘equal to,’ or even ‘to the degree that.’

In this post, we will explore its various uses, structures, and practical examples to provide clarity and aid your Korean language journey.

Grammar rule: N + 만큼 = As much as N / To the degree of N

Basic use of 만큼

만큼 allows for comparisons, indicating something is on par with another or to a certain extent.

그녀는 IU만큼 귀여워요.
She is as cute as IU.
학생들은 저만큼 똑똑해요.
My students are as smart as me.
나는 너만큼 거의 키가 커요.
I am almost as tall as you.
오해는 작년만큼 더운 것 같아요.
This year seems to be as hot as last year.
겨울 동안에 부산은 서울만큼 춥지 않아요.
During the winter, Busan is not as cold as Seoul.
저는 그녀 사람만큼 야구를 잘 하지않아요.
I am not as good at baseball as she is.

Advanced use and intensification

Diving deeper, 만큼 can also be used in various structures, including with verbs and adjectives. Plus, it can be intensified for emphasis.

물은 사용한 만큼 (돈을) 지불해야 돼요.
You have to pay for the water according to how much you used.
노력한 만큼 좋은 결과가 나올 거예요.
Given how hard I tried, I think I'll get a good result.
제가 아는 만큼 당신도 그에 대해 알아요.
You know as much about him as I do.
오후 3~5시 사이에는 원하는 만큼 먹을 수 있어요.
You can eat as much as you want between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
그는 생활이 바쁜 만큼 워라밸을 유지하는 건 중요해요.
As busy as he is, maintaining a work life balance is still important to him.

Intensification with 눈곱:

The term 눈곱 (‘eye crust’) can be used to intensify the expression, stressing the minimal or non-existent degree.

눈곱만큼도 신경 안 써!
I don't give a damn!
그들이 이길 가능성은 눈곱만큼도 없어요.
There's not even the slightest chance that they'll win.

The Korean grammar point 만큼 is versatile and essential for expressing comparison and degrees.

Whether talking about similarity, equivalency, or emphasizing the lack of something, this pattern plays a key role. With practice and the examples provided, mastering this grammar pattern will certainly enhance your Korean proficiency.

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