Also In Korean (Using The Suffix 고요)

The Korean suffix A/V + 고요 is a useful way to add more information to a sentence, typically in the form of an additional characteristic or detail.

It roughly translates to “and,” “also,” “as well,” or “too” in English.

The structure is often used to make a follow-up point about something previously mentioned in the conversation.

Example sentences

여기에서 버스를 타는 것은 편리해요. 값도 싸고요.
Travelling by bus is convenient here. And it's cheap too.
웰빙 음식은 맛있어요. 건강에도 좋아고요.
Well-being (wholesome) food is delicious. And it's good for your health.
긴 영화예요. 그리고 정말 지루하고요.
This is a long movie. And it's really boring as well.
그는 부자예요. 인기가 있고요.
He's very rich. And he's also very popular.

Usage notes

The 고요 suffix is versatile and can be used in both casual and formal situations. However, it is more commonly found in spoken Korean. You’ll find it particularly useful when you want to add supplementary information or emphasize additional qualities or characteristics.


Understanding and utilizing 고요 will allow you to speak more fluidly in Korean, effectively linking related pieces of information.

It is a straightforward way to make your conversations richer and more nuanced.

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