Expressing Certainty in Korean with '기만 하면 되다'

Using ‘기만 하면 되다’ to Convey Certainty

The phrase V + 기만 하면 되다 is a quintessential structure in the Korean language that encapsulates a sense of certainty. This means, when an action is performed, there’s only one anticipated result. Depending on the situation, this pattern can be equated to English expressions like ‘as long as you V’, ‘you merely need to V’, or ‘no sooner do you V than…‘.

Key Examples of ‘기만 하면 되다’ in Context

기계를 끄기 위해 노란색 버튼을 누르기만 하면 돼요.
You just press the yellow button to turn off the machine.
도음이 필요하면 이 전화번호로 전화하기만 하면 돼요.
If you need help, you just have to call this number.
주문을 최소하기 위해 이 서류를 작성하기만 하면 돼요.
Just complete this form to cancel your order.
기대리기만 하면 돼요.
All you have to do is wait.
사우디에서는 운전 면허시험을 따기 전에 1주 동안에 수업을 하기만 하면 돼요.
In Saudi Arabia, before taking a driving test you need only take a week of lessons.

Concluding Thoughts

Understanding and effectively using the ‘기만 하면 되다’ construction can make your Korean communication clearer and more nuanced, especially when conveying certainty or simplicity in actions leading to outcomes. As with any grammar pattern, frequent practice and exposure will make its usage second nature.

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